Nuevo Polymers offers a wide range of Guar Gum Powder for various industries.

Personal Care and Hygiene

Used In Key Benefits
  • Shampoo
  • Face Wash
  • Conditioner
  • Topical Gels and Ointments
  •  Styling Mousse
  • Shaving Gels Body
  • Sun Screen
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Naturally Derived Polymer
  • Bio Degradable & Non-Toxic
  • Ideal for volumizing shampoo
  • Conditioning without causing polymers buildup
  • Hydrate in cold water & Build viscosity

Food Products

Fresh bread with wheat


In Ice Cream/Dairy Products Provides smooth and creamier texture, prevents formation of ice crystals and quick meltdown.
In Bakery Products Improves texture, crumb and structure, increases shelf life, and improves moisture retention. It also increases dough yield, shelf life.
In Pet Food As a viscosifier
In Soups For increase thickener and Stabiliser.
In Noodles Improves texture, form and moisture retention.
In Dressings and Sauces For Thickener, emulsion stabilizer and improve flow properties.
In Processed Cheese Improves texture and flavour and use as Stabiliser.
Oil Well Drilling

  • As Fluid-loss controlling agent and additives in fracturing fluids.
  • It is a natural, fast hydrating dispersible guar gum and is diesel slurriable.
  • Reduces friction in the holes, and so minimising power requirements.

  • As thickener for direct as well as discharge printing.
  • As flocculating agent for Purification.

  • As wet-end additive
  • As a Good Retention Aid
  • Improves erasive and writing properties, better bonding strength and increased hardness.
  • Provides breaking, mullen and folding strengths.


  • For concentration of ores and flocculation and better recovery
  • Used as a flocculants to produce liquid solid separation
  • It acts as a depressant for talc or insoluble gangue mined along with the valuable minerals

  • Gelling agents for gel sausage type explosives and pumpable slurry explosives
  • Cross linking agents for gel and slurry explosives systems
Cat Litter

  • Binding and clumping agent for Litter media.
  • Excellent Odour lock property.
  • Better Adsorption and 100% Bio-degradable.