Packaging of Guar Gum is a very critical operation as it has to be done in such a way that product shall be preserved in good condition for a very long time. Thus, we placed high level of care in the packaging operation. After Manufacturing, product is passed through safety sieve and packed immediately in bags. After packaging the product is properly transferred to finished goods warehouse until it is shipped out.

In-House stuffing of Containers and sealing them is done under strict supervision, since this is a very critical point. The bags have to remain in the container anywhere nearly 40-50 days till it is reaches the destination and have to sail through different climatic conditions. So, proper care is taken in selection of containers and stuffing of the bags so that buyers receive the goods in fresh condition.

Packaging with palletisation

  • Valve Type Paper Bags (25 Kgs)
  • HDPE Laminated Bags (25 Kgs)
  • Multiwall Paper Bags with PE Liner inside (25 Kgs)
  • Jumbo Bags (950 Kgs)
  • Drums (25Kgs/35 Kgs)
  • Any Other as per Customer requirements.